We Love Kids!

Our office is specially designed to meet the needs of our youngest patients. Our waiting area features a separate activity room just for them with books, wall mounted activity boards, and a play table and chairs. Our doctors are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of the vision and eye health problems of children. They use specialized equipment and examination techniques to determine if your child needs vision correction. If eyeglasses are required, we have one of the largest children’s eyewear selections ever assembled in Nelson County. With over 400 frames on display in our “KIDS ZONE” dispensary, we’re sure to find the perfect fit and look for your child.

Children may be examined as early as one year of age and should definitely be checked by an optometrist before entering preschool or kindergarten. Over 80% of learning in school is done through the sense of sight. So don’t let your child start his or her education at a disadvantage because of an undetected eye health or vision problem. Many childhood vision disorders can be corrected if identified during the preschool years.

Special Services

  1. Preschool/School entry eye exams.
  2. Examination of children with disabilities.
  3. Prescription of sports eyewear.
  4. Wave Corneal Molding (10 years old and up).
  5. Color vision testing.
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Stopping Nearsightedness
Myopia Control in Children

Download our brochure on a new approach to reduce the progression of nearsightedness in children and teens.

Stopping Nearsightedness in Children Brochure