What is Low Vision?

People who have lost part of their sight because of an accident, birth defect, or eye disease are said to have low vision. Patients with low vision have difficulty with routine tasks like reading the newspaper, driving, or watching television, even when using their regular glasses or contact lenses.

What is low vision rehabilitation?

Low vision rehabilitation is the process by which patients are taught how to make better use of their remaining vision. It may involve the use of special devices, viewing techniques, software, or modifications to a patient’s regular glasses or contact lenses.

What are low vision devices?

Low vision devices may take a variety of forms. They range from simple hand magnifiers and telescopes to software that can help you to use your computer more effectively. The type of device prescribed will depend on the specific task to be performed and the patient’s level of vision.

Who provides low vision services?

Low vision services are provided by optometrists who have special training and experience in this area. During an initial evaluation they will take the time to assess your eye health, vision level, and specific needs. Using this information your doctor will work with you to develop strategies to meet your goals. This may involve the use of low vision devices, orientation and mobility training, or simple techniques to help you use your remaining vision more effectively.

Will my insurance cover the cost of the evaluation or low vision devices?

Most major medical insurance such as Medicare or Anthem will cover all or part of our examination. They do not, however, cover low vision devices. These would be the patient’s responsibility.

How do I schedule an appointment for a low vision evaluation?

Evaluations may be scheduled by calling our Bardstown office at (502) 348-8584. Be sure to say that you desire a low vision evaluation as only certain days are set aside for these types of services. Bring any material you would like to be able to read, your newest glasses, and any devices you have used in the past.

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