Experience a New Level of Vision Care with the CrystalEyes Digital Refraction System

So accurate, it allows the Doctor to measure the curvature of your eye and create a digital image of your visual system in minutes.  No other eye exam is more precise.  It automatically reads the power in your previous glasses, allowing you to instantly compare your old and new prescriptions.  Kid -friendly and completed in seconds, the initial scan gives the Doctor a detailed description of how your child sees.

Vision Care Services

for the most accurate eyeglass prescriptions possible.
This allows the Doctor to customize your prescription to your specific frame and reading style.

Eye Health Services

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams for Patients of All Ages.
  • Special Testing for Glaucoma, Cataracts, Macular Degeneration, and Diabetic Eye Disease.
  • Treatment of Eye Disease.
  • Retinal, Optic Nerve, and Anterior Segment Imaging (Optical Coherence Tomography).
  • Corneal Topography.
  • Wheelchair Compatible Facility / Exam Room.
  • Fitting of All Types of Contact Lenses, Including Disposables, Bifocal Contacts, and WAVE Custom Lenses.
  • Emergency Eye Care.
  • Low Vision Services.
  • In – Office Cataract Surgical Consultation with Dr. Curtis Jordan.
  • In – Office Retinal Consultation with Retina Associates of Kentucky.

Comprehensive Care

State of the art care is only a phone call away.

Bardstown Eye Care Center is a modern, full scope, eye health care facility. Whether you need diagnosis and treatment for glaucoma, surgical care for cataracts, or management of diabetic eye disease or macular degeneration, we can help. As Nelson County’s most experienced full time eye care team, we’ve successfully managed all types of eye health and vision disorders over the years. Put our experience to work for you!

Your Expert in Vision Care

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Diabetes Wellness Guide

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, then you already know that your primary-care physician (along with his/her staff) is the one who orders your blood-glucose testing and helps you to control and monitor your blood sugar levels. What you may not know is that diabetes is a complex disease that can be associated with serious complications. You need to assemble your own team of professionals to help you avoid unwanted outcomes. Choose Your Team and Fight the Complications of Diabetes! Download our free Diabetes Wellness Guide (2MB, pdf format) to learn more.